Eero Koivistoinen CV

Eero Koivistoinen

Tenor & sopranosaxophone, composer & arranger


  1. Studies
    Sibelius Academy 1968 – 70, 1972 – 74
    Berklee College of Music, Boston USA 1970 – 72


  1. Awards and Prizes
    First George Award of Finnish Jazz Federation 1967
    Grand Prize Montreaux, EBU:n jazzcompetition1969
    EBU:n Nordring Arrangers Prize Jersey 1981
    First Prize of Finnish Big Band Competition 1987
    Funky Elephant Award 2004
    Finnish Jazzlegend 2007
    State Music Award 2017


  1. Eero Koivistoinen has performed in following countries:
  2. Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Iceland, Faroe Islands, Estonia, Poland, Liethuenia, Russia, Ushbekistan, Georgia, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Hungary, Czech, USA, Canada, Indonesia, Ghana, Mozambique, South Africa, Benin, Japan


  1. Compositions
  2. Orchestral works
    Ultima Thule for large Orchestra and Jazz Quintet
    Round about Monk, arrangement of themes of Thelonious Monk for Symphony Orchestra (commission of Finnish Radio Symphony Orchestra)
    Baltic Sea Blues Sinfonietta and jazz ten sax, piano and bass (multimedia)
  3. Radiophonic Works for YLE
    Suomi-maailman majakka 1996, Sopi 1998
  4. Large amount of small ensemble compositions
    Large amount of big band compositions and arrangements
    Some big band compositions published by UNC Jazz Press, USA
  5. Choral Works
    Suomalainen suite 2000/2006,
    Kökkelö suite for poems of Lauri Viita 2000, 12′,
    La mie laulan lallittelen 16’ sekakuoro 2011
    Tanssivat porot 2013
    Maa, ilma ja meri 2013
    Mieleni meri 2014
  6. Choir arrangements
    Peltoniemen Hintriikan surumarssi (trad)
    Silakka-apajalla (Lavi-Ahvenainen)
  7. Large amount of songs and children songs


  1. Eero Koivistoinen has conducted in Finland, Germany, Norway, Denmark, Estonia,
    Iceland, South Africa, Japan. Some of the Orchestras: UMO Jazz Orchestra, Danish Radio Big band, Hessischer Radio Big band, Sandvika Storband, Oslo Workshop Big Band, Estonian Dream Big Band, Reykjavik Big Band, Tetsuya Tatsumi Big band.


  1. Eero Koivistoinen has a large Discografia with 28 own recording as a leader and he has been a sideman in numerous recordings.


  1. Eero Koivistoinen has been working in many different African countries
    as musician, educator and producer. He has produced 4 recordings of African music for Naxos World label in Mozambique and South Africa.
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