Blues Section: Once more for the road

1. Call me on your telephone (Pembroke)
2. Paint it Michael and others, maybe (Pembroke)
3. Answer to life (Pembroke)
4. Shivers of pleasure (Ojanen/Blom/Donner)
5. Only dreaming (Pembroke)
6. Please mr. Wilson (Pembroke)

1. Hey, hey, hey (Pembroke)
2. Once more for the road (Pembroke)
3. Wolf at the door (Pembroke)
4. Semi-circle solitude (Pembroke)
5. End of a poem (Walli/Pembroke)
6. Cherry cup-cake twist(Pembroke)

Blues Section, 1967-68:
Jim Pembroke, vocal
Hasse Walli, guitar
Eero Koivistoinen, alto sax
Måns Groundstroem, bass
Ronnie Österberg, drums
Pekka Sarmanto, bass B 4, B 6

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